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Aug 14, 2014 - Announcement for maintenance of AULA VIRTUAL

For maintenance, the Aula Virtual service remain stopped on August 14 from 08:00 to 22:00. Sorry for the inconvenience.

23 jul 2014 - TESTING PORTAL

If you want to test the functionalities of the new "User environment page" - http://portal.uv.es from today you have it available as the first link in the current user environment.

SEPTEMBER - New authentication. New user environment.

Over next september, we will activate a new login page and a new user environment page. The look of SSO, correo.uv.es and SOGo authetication pages truly changes. Also, a completely new application (My UV) will serve the "user enviroment" page.

8 MAYO 2014 - SPF: Our new anti-spam filter

Today the new SPF filter has been activated. This filter aims to stop messages whith fake "From" addresses (a typical example of these, are the "curriculum" messages almost all of us received this week, with @uv.es return addressess but sent from chinese MTAs). The filter checks if a sending MTA is authorized to send on behalf of a given "From" domain. Preliminary results show that a 16% of received messages are now detected as spam.

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